Property Hunting Season

For thousands of people the start of spring means the beginning of the house-hunting season.

It is also time to ponder one of life’s unanswered questions: How do estate agents have the cheek to charge a king’s ransom for selling a house?

If that is your view, maybe it time to look at an online estate agent such as On Properties. Over the last few years the property market has made large strides to move online with over 80% of buyers discovering their next home on the internet– and quite honestly its easy to see why, you only have to take a look at the difference in cost between online and high-street agents, and the answer is clear.

Unlike the traditional high-street estate agents that we all know so well, an online estate agent such as On Properties will sell your house for you in return for a one off flat fee of £999.00, making it far easier to work out exactly what you will have to pay for that sale.

Online agents such as ours also offer the majority of the services that high-street agents claim to justify their excessive fees. For a one off flat fee you will still get:

  • Photographs
  • Measurements
  • Valuation support
  • Descriptive write ups
  • Floor plans
  • Organise viewings and feedback
  • Negotiations
  • 4 Million potential internet viewings per month
  • Your property listed on the UK’s largest property web sites

It’s hard to understand why anyone would head to an estate agent only to pay a huge amount more for largely the same process. With buyers now able to find local advice and property listings at the touch of a couple of buttons, it no longer makes sense to hand over ridiculous amounts of money for a high street estate agent to do this for them.

Why give up your king’s ransom to a high street agent when you can sell your Property with On Properties for £999 form the comfort of your own home, safe in the knowledge that your in the hands of industry professionals.